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Spartan Locker - Affordable Traction

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  • PenAxle PA40 Spline
    $2,499.00 PenAxle PA40 Spline
    The PA40SPL is easily upgradeable and can be equipped with standard dana 60 hubs and spindles allowing you to keep cost down with simple spindle changes.  They can also be fitted with 1.5" 40 spline shafts.   AS...

  • PenAxle PA47Spline Knuckle
    $2,599.00 PenAxle PA47Spline Knuckle
    -The PenAxle 47 spline knuckle will accept up to 2" 47 spline axle shafts and the large RCV bell or Rockwell Axle Joints.   -Full shaft removal in less than a minute which is perfect or racing -These knuckles have...